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Spring Classic 2022

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May, 2022

Mount Vernon Park & Ride, Old 99 South REAR OF PARKING LOT
10:00 AM
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-All Riders still PRE-REGISTER online in this Ride Listing.

-A Designated RIDE LEADERr is listed as the EVENT CONTACT and will: A) Advise the suggested general ride route. B) Divide the riders into desired Pace Groups : Social / Moderate / Brisk

-Each Pace Group will select their Pace Group Leader and the route their group desires. Ride routes suggested to be 25ish miles for Social, 35ish miles for Moderate & 40 miles for Brisk , adjusted +/- by the Pace Group desires.

-Rides continue as “stick together/no map”. The RIDE LEADER may provide a map or GPS route.

- Optional snack / lunch / libations and socializing according to rider preference.

SHAWN O'DONNELL'S FARMHOUSE RESTAURANT- Park in South end of parking lot
10:00 AM
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28 miles; 681 feet total climbing, mostly flat to rolling with one hill. Easy Social Pace (12 mph avg); rides as a group. Farmhouse REstaurant to Edison and back.
Newer riders and E-Bikes welcome. Rider bike skills and experience sufficient for safe riding on the road is requested. Poor weather cancels (+15mph wind/ constant Rain/ 42 degrees or colder). Potential Club members welcomed.
Please have everything, including the know-how, to repair a flat, should it occur.

-All Riders still PRE-REGISTER online in this Ride Listing. NOTE- If no designated Ride Leader, riders can still sign up, show up, and organize their ride.

-All Riders still PRE-REGISTER online in this Ride Listing.

-Rides continue as “stick together/no map”.

-We'll "re-energize" at the same restaurant in Edison as before Riders.

RIDE ADMINISTRATOR- Steve Jahn. 425-830-4981.

Allen Playfields, at the intersection of Allen West Rd & Avon Allen Rd
10:00 AM
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The Joy Ride is a fun ride for riders that ride at a social or moderate pace. Depending on who signs up each week the group may split into social and moderate groups or choose to stay together in one group. Groups will try to ensure no one is left behind. The ride leader will provide a map, either on paper, a Ride With GPS link or a verbal description. Ride lengths will be from 25 to 40 miles depending on terrain and participants. Rain, temperatures below 42 degrees or high winds cancels the ride. Check for notices on the morning of the ride.
Ride Coordinator Phil McLoud.