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Need a Map ?

Over the years club members have made maps of favorite routes. . .A lot of routes. Some are a bit redundant and the quality of the maps vary. Send me your maps IF I like it I'll put them up. Jamie@skagitspringclassic.org Routes with too many hills will be subject to heavy scrutiny. Flat fast routes will surely make the cut.

If you get lost while using one of these maps the only person responsible is YOU. Allways bring plenty of water.

NEW : Download PDF versions of the Skagit County Bike Map

Mount Vernon Anacortes Burlington Sedro Woolley Conway Stanwood Bayview
Lake Cavanaugh 37-59 mile       Skagit Gardens 29-41 miles    
Mt Vernon 20-30 mile South Route       Skagit Gardens 30 miles    
Mt Vernon 20-30 mile       Skagit Gardens 43 miles    
Mt Vernon 20 mile       Red Barn Ramble    
Mt Vernon 23-37 mile            
Mt Vernon 28-39 mile            
Mt Vernon -1a            
Mt Vernon -1b            
Mt Vernon -1c            
Mt Vernon -1d            
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